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If you’re done with the struggle and overwhelm that comes with trying to figure out how to make your brand stand out amongst 7,000+ breweries in the US…

You need a NEW STRATEGY - and I can give you one

Discover how online training courses and customized coaching programs focused on BEER SPECIFIC SALES AND MARKETING STRATEGIES can be your gateway to profitability and can ensure the future of your brewery.

Welcome to NOT YOUR HOBBY MARKETING SOLUTIONS. I help craft beer businesses of every size learn how to increase beer sales and build brand awareness through education.

Because better sales and marketing will keep your brewery doors open

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Beer Industry Terms Glossary

A comprehensive collection of common beer industry business terms that are essential in sounding like an expert in your field. Boost your sales by boosting your vocabulary!

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55% of salespeople lack basic sales skills
— Forbes Magazine study 2019
Sales training will improve the performance of an individual by an average of 20%
— Aberdeen Research
for a business to be successful, it’s sales team must be successful. With the investment increasing in sales training over the last decade, companies must maximize that investment and ensure the training they are providing their salespeople is improving their relationships with their customers and resulting in increased revenue for their company...the least expensive and most impactful way to overcome sales problems and reduce lost revenue opportunities is to strike directly at the source and bolster the effectiveness of a company’s sales training
— 2018 study conducted by the Sales Readiness Group & The Training Institute

TWO new breweries open daily in the US, we’re on pace to have over 9,000 operating breweries by 2021. Are you confident that you’re doing everything to make your brand stand out from the crowd?

Are you tired of fighting ROTATION NATION?

Are you tired of hearing the words SKU RATIONALIZATION?

Then it’s time to take action. There is a modern solution for flat or declining beer sales.


And how do you achieve that?

Learn how to stand out.

I provide craft beer professionals with Online Learning Courses and Progressive Coaching Programs that teach the fundamentals of beer sales and marketing, so that you can make your brand stand out from the crowd.


While the beer and brewing industry is large and growing, finding a specific person or organization to provide genuine sales training was difficult. Julie was recommended through a peer group and I wish we had found her five years ago. There is so much that would have been done differently in our brewery’s infancy. Her experience and knowledge and authority as a beer sales rep comes through clearly. She knows what she is talking about and presents the information in such a way that is accessible, attainable, and significant. Watching the webinar with my salespeople was awesome. The conversations that were sparked, the revelations that were had, and the empowerment that was felt were palpable. There was excitement about the improvements in our sales process we discussed. I saw creative thinking and problem-solving happening. It was hard not to smile. I fully expect to see our sales volumes and revenues to increase due to the training that Julie provided.
— Joel McClosky, Owner - Four Saints Brewing Company
Julie firmly believes that an educated sales team is of value in all cases (yes, you - brewers and distributors!) & that a poorly educated sales team is literally costing you money. Further, she can either help to design an education program for you - or work with your team to do just that. She is passionate, hard-working, dedicated to you and your mission, and simply a valuable member and resource for any business
— Laura Lodge - Owner, Customized Craft Beer Programs & creator of the Big Beers, Belgians & Barleywines Festival
Julie is one of the most talented, hard working, knowledgeable and passionate people that I have met in the beer business. The advice that she provides comes from many years of hard work in the trenches of the beverage industry
— Lauren Embree - Regional Sales Manager, S&H West Brands

After spending over a decade in beer sales & marketing, I noticed a shift - our market has completely evolved and consumers are completely overwhelmed with beer choices. Neighborhoods are now peppered with taprooms. Bars now boast that they serve a “huge craft beer selection”, which used to not be a selling point.

My point is that it’s not enough just to brew “craft beer” anymore. That might have worked great as your sales pitch in 2003 (trust me, I was there for that), but not today. You’ve got to have a clear mission and story behind your brands, and if you don’t know how to communicate that to buyers and consumers, you’re not going to survive.

Throughout my career, I’ve watched countless breweries shut down, because they didn’t have a clear brand message and no one was out advocating for sales. I don’t think this was on purpose, I truly believe that they just didn’t have the business knowledge to piece it all together. You have to create brand awareness and you have to sell your beer if you want to operate in today’s crowded market.

That’s the mission of my company - to teach breweries of any size through online learning and customized coaching programs how to sell and market your beer so you can continue to live your brewing passion. Take the first step to profitability by becoming a member of my community and signing up with your email to get free tools and resources to help grow your beer business, online course release information, details about coaching, and more

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 If you have customers, you have a business, not a hobby. Let’s start treating it that way


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 My mission is to provide the craft beer industry with affordable, convenient, and industry specific sales & marketing training, regardless of your business size or income level, so that you can grow your brand, boost sales, generate long term profitability, and keep the entrepreneurial spirit of the craft beer industry alive and well.

Sales training

I’ve created a library of sales training videos that you take at your pace on my course software platform or I can customize a one on one coaching program for you or your sales team. This progressive learning platform allows you to work through the content one module at a time and communicate with me directly about course content. Fundamental sales strategies are specifically designed for the craft beer community and take advantage of my decade long career out in the field. This is not something you’ll ever see in a textbook, these lessons come from first hand experience with beer sales and management. You’ll get lessons on time management, account management, route planning, CRM’s and more. Learn more on my SALES TRAINING PAGE


Sales and marketing go hand in hand, but not every brewery has the luxury of a dedicated marketing department. Learn how to manage your beer marketing in house, instead of outsourcing to a third party company that doesn’t know your brand and charges thousands per month. Marketing training is focused on the fundamentals of modern digital marketing and is in the form of online coursework or customized coaching programs. Either way, lessons are presented in a progressive format so that you can learn at your own pace. Topics include optimizing your social media marketing, email list building, content planning and scheduling, paid social advertising, and more. Learn more on my MARKETING TRAINING PAGE

Management training

Do you need help managing your sales team? Is management new territory for you? I’m here to help with my upcoming online course in Beer Sales Management or you can opt for a more customized experience with my 3 or 6 month sales management coaching program. We will cover subjects like how to coach instead of micromanage, effective communication, team motivation and morale, onboarding new team members, creating a sales enablement system, and much more. This is a higher level learning environment, so please CONTACT ME DIRECTLY for more information

Distributor Management Training

Did you just sign on with a distributor and need some guidance for how to manage that relationship? Do you think there’s room for improvement in your relationship with your current distributor network? If this is you, I’ve got a training program for you. To mirror my other training options, Distributor Management training will be either an online course or customized coaching program that takes advantage of progressive learning techniques, plus gives you tools for success and action plans that will guide you towards a true mutually beneficial partnership with your distributor network. Topics covered will include how to nail your ABP meeting, meetings you should be having, how to train your distributor sales force, managing inventory and product orders, and more. This is a higher level learning environment, so please CONTACT ME DIRECTLY for more information

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You wouldn’t let a complete stranger run an entire brew from start to finish on your brewhouse right? So why are you doing that with your sales and marketing? when you let your brewery sales rep “wing it” selling your brands or let your untrained taproom manager run your social media channels, you’re doing the exact same thing.

When you hire someone to work in your brewhouse as part of the production crew you don’t just toss them out on the floor and expect them to know all the recipes and how to operate all the equipment - you train them first. You should be doing the same thing with your brewery sales and marketing personnel.

Regardless of who is doing your sales and marketing, that person or your team should be properly trained in certain fundamentals of business that will guide them toward success in our crowded market.

You can knock all this out by signing up for one of my online training courses or taking advantage of my customized coaching programs designed specifically for your particular brewery. Learn more by checking out my SALES TRAINING PAGE or MARKETING TRAINING PAGE or reach out to me directly by scheduling a Free, no obligation discovery session